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Writing Tutoring
Elementary Expository Writing - Grades 3-6

Your child will be introduced to the 5-sentence basic paragraph, beginning with the topic sentence followed by three supporting sentences and a concluding sentence. Once your child demonstrates his skill in writing a variety of these 5-sentence paragraphs, the tutor will introduce him to 4 methods of developing expository paragraphs. Your child will learn to develop paragraphs by example, reason, process, and classification. Your child will learn to write complete sentences, following basic rules for point of view, tense, spelling, capitalization, standard English usage, and word choice. Editing and revision will be a normal part of the process.

Expository and Persuasive Writing - Grades 7-12

Having learned to write the basic paragraph (See Elementary Expository Writing), your child will learn how to write expanded paragraphs 11 sentences or longer, using appropriate transition words and phrases. For both expository and persuasive writing, he will learn to develop paragraphs by cause and effect, analogy, comparison and contrast, process analysis, and definition. The tutor will also introduce the 5-paragraph essay along with rhetorical devices and a variety of sentence constructions to achieve emphasis and coherence.

Literary Analysis - Grades 9-12

The tutor can help your child organize, edit, and polish a literary analysis. This can entail your child learning to write about theme, plot, character, and setting as well as learning essential literary terms. The tutor can also help your child learn to write the introductory inverted-pyramid paragraph containing the thesis statement.

Paraphrasing and Précis Writing - Grades 6-12

Writing the paraphrase and précis can significantly advance your child’s comprehension and writing skills. Your child can apply these acquired skills when writing research papers, literary themes, and test essays.

Writing the College Application Essay

The tutor can help your college-bound child organize and write an original college application essay. Your child will be encouraged to write about slice-of-life experiences that can give his topic freshness and to avoid trite, shop-worn expressions that can weaken the impact of his essay. Editing and revision will be a normal part of the process.

Book Report Writing

Book reports generally are the first comprehensive writing tasks teachers assign their pupils. The tutor can help your child learn the rudiments of a book report to include describing character and setting, summarizing plot, and explaining theme. The tutor will also help your child write a coherent introduction, body, and conclusion.

Advanced Composition

Our tutors can instruct your savvy high school student in techniques for writing memorable essays. The tutor will teach your child the art of creating emphasis through suitable design, word choice, point of view, sentence construction, and figurative language.

Style Techniques

Do you want your high school student to develop a signature style? By teaching style techniques, our tutors can rescue the student from foundering in a miasma of dull, formulaic prose. For example, in learning to cut the fat, to avoid redundancy, to choose concrete words, to nominalize adjectives, to increase verb density, to use figures of speech judiciously, your aspiring writer can compose in a language both interesting and original.

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