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Vocabulary Tutoring
Vocabulary Development - Grades 3 – 12

Your child will complete a variety of vocabulary exercises designed for long-term retention. Our tutors use several vocabulary development programs. One, for example, stresses learning words with classical Latin and Greek roots. The tutor will also show your child how to keep and use a vocabulary journal.

The Vocabulary Journal

Keeping a vocabulary journal is paramount to a student's grasping and retaining the meaning of new words. The tutor will show your child how to start and keep a vocabulary journal and will review it regularly. Your child will be expected to originate sentences using the newly learned words and incorporate them in longer writing exercises.

Vocabulary for the SAT

The student's effort will be focused on vocabulary typically found on the SAT. The tutor will draw your child's attention in particular to secondary definitions of words often used in SAT exercises.

Vocabulary for the College-bound Student

This program closely resembles Vocabulary for the SAT. The student will be expected to apply his grasp of the word in completing exercises and writing original sentences. Word choices will be culled from sources designed to prepare your child for college-level reading and writing..

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