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How We Work
Improving Skills

If you find your child struggling to keep ahead in school because he's falling behind in reading or writing, we can help you identify the source of the problem. With our diagnostic assessment, we can identify strengths and specific areas where your child needs to improve. Sometimes problems in one area spill over into another. We can show you what these problems are and put together a specific plan designed to get your child to improve. Our goal is to remove his frustration and get him back on track so that he can see himself excelling in school. There's nothing like success to build confidence. What's more, if you review our Tutoring Subjects, you will discover that our subject choices are designed to address a skill deficit precisely and thoroughly.


We also provide accelerated learning for advanced students. If your child seeks to advance his knowledge in reading, writing, vocabulary, or grammar, we can teach him to excel in each with subjects designed to address that goal. For example, if he wants to improve his style, we can teach him specific style techniques. We can have him study the finest writing of accomplished English and American writers and teach him how to apply their use of language and style to his own writing. Call us for details.

Assessment of Skills
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Evaluation
  • Individualized Instruction Plan
  • Progress and Student Participation

We provide diagnostic testing to students in first through twelfth grades. The testing is designed to assess the student's level of reading and writing literacy. It particularly pinpoints areas where the student needs to improve. In addition to focusing on areas of concern you have raised as a parent, it identifies other problem areas that the student may need to address.

During a private meeting, we then review with you our evaluation of the results. We will present to you an Individualized Instruction Plan that prioritizes the skills that need to be addressed in tutoring and recommends the number of tutoring sessions required for improvement. Then we will set a date for re-testing to determine how much progress has been made.

For example, parents of a 3rd grader came to us with the following problem…

After doing well in first and second grades, their third grader was struggling with reading comprehension and writing. Our diagnostic testing revealed that their child could not read certain words, particularly those that required pronouncing several syllables. Multiple spelling errors demonstrated that he did not know the letters corresponding to speech sounds, and his lack of fluency in reading out loud interfered with his recall, causing him to misunderstand what he read.

Besides his difficulty with reading comprehension, his writing sample revealed problems with grammar, usage, detail, and organization. We recommended a plan that focused on phonics and structural analysis first, followed by techniques to improve comprehension, and elementary expository writing. At the end of a designated number of sessions, we re-tested the child to determine how well he had progressed.

The test revealed that his basic reading skills had improved, which, in turn, enhanced his overall reading comprehension.

Furthermore, he was able to write a basic paragraph more coherently and with fewer mechanical errors.

Parents frequently ask us about how we determine their children's progress. Several factors play into how well a student performs. Foremost is the relevance and quality of instruction and the talent of the tutor.

Equally important, however, is the student's participation. Although our tutors are skilled at motivating and inspiring students to do their best, the reality is that other issues may affect learning.

These include a student forgetting or not completing his assignments, missing sessions, or demonstrating specific learning disabilities that require additional skill review. Because we are well aware of how important these factors bear on a student's progress, we communicate regularly with parents, and we urge parents to call the tutor with any questions or comments that can help their child succeed.

One-to-One Personalized Tutoring

Your child will get the undivided attention of one tutor in a private setting. At our center, your child will learn in a private tutoring room furnished like a classroom. Your child will actively participate at the table or chalkboard, working closely with one instructor, and will have access to a rich store of resources available at the center.

Our Specialized Tutors

The reading and writing tutors at Avid Readers possess the college degrees, training, and experience to work with every child, kindergarten through twelfth grade. Besides our commitment to teaching, each of us remains sensitive to the emotional needs of your child. Whether shy and reticent, or outgoing and talkative, your child will benefit from the approach we use. Typically, students who come to us become attached to our tutors. Here at Avid Readers, you can be assured that your child will get the very best in personal attention and dedication.

The SoundSpell Reading Program

SoundSpell, a reading program unlike any other, was developed here at Avid Readers. Over twenty years, our tutors have used this program to teach hundreds of children to read well. Through our SoundSpell instruction, struggling readers have overcome frustrating obstacles that have caused them to fall behind in their studies and to spurn reading altogether.

With our unique SoundSpell program, your child learns 44 sounds in the English language and the various letter spellings that correspond to each sound. In addition, your child learns to recognize seven syllable patterns that enable him to manage multi-syllable words. With complete training, your child will read easily and spell accurately. Any word, any length.

See the SoundSpell subjects here.

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