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SAT Verbal Prep
Critical Reading

The tutor will help the student prepare for the critical reading section of the SAT by teaching him specific techniques, by helping him avoid the "traps," and by having him practice and review sample tests. The student will be well versed in how to tackle the one and two-blank sentence completion exercises as well the questions following the short and long reading selections.


Through the practice tests, the tutor will review the grammar skills that the student needs to know and the grammar errors he needs to correct in order to score well. The tutor will teach the student the best methods for approaching and solving each problem.

The Essay

The tutor will introduce the student to a fool-proof method for organizing and writing a coherent essay within the 25 minutes allotted for this section of the SAT. Preparation will require that the student practice responding to sample essay prompts. The tutor will review the essay responses with the student who will re-write each essay.

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