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English Grammar Tutoring
Beginning to Advanced Grammar

The tutor will introduce your child to the eight parts of speech, sentence types, phrases, and clauses. Grammar exercises will also include learning rules of punctuation, capitalization, and correct usage. Advanced grammar instruction will concentrate primarily on in-depth study of transitive and intransitive verbs and the discrete sentence patterns for each type. Additionally, the student will learn to recognize the verbal phrases as well as noun, adjective, and adverb clauses. To help your student become proficient in grammar, the tutor will be sure that he has a broad overview of all the parts of speech and their various functions.

Grammar-based Sentence Writing

Grammar in the service of writing is the purpose behind teaching grammar-based sentence writing. Your child will use his knowledge of grammar to arrange his words harmoniously, varying sentence pattern, length, opening, and syntax.

Grammar Problems

To write well, a student must use all the sentence-writing skills acquired from a thorough study of English grammar. Grasping how words, phrases, and clauses function variously in sentences, however, is not enough. The student must also be taught to recognize grammar problems and to avoid grammar errors in his writing. The tutor will teach the student to spot lack of agreement between subject and verb, or between pronoun and antecedent; split infinitives; dangling and misplaced modifiers; sentence fragments; comma splices and run-on sentences; problems with comparisons; incorrect use of verbs; improper use of prepositions; faulty predication; and problems with parallel structure.

Diagramming – Beginning to Advanced

Diagramming sentences enriches the student’s understanding of English grammar through graphically depicting how words, phrases, and clauses work together in a sentence. More importantly, sentence diagrams move to front and center the distinct sentence patterns formed with transitive and intransitive verbs. Through diagramming, the student will learn to write with action verbs and to minimize use of the verb to be as a linking verb, to use the passive voice judiciously, and to sharpen his skills in writing a variety of sentences. For example, the student will learn how writing a sentence with a transitive verb and objective complement can help him achieve emphasis. Sentence diagramming not only enhances the student’s knowledge of grammar but prods the student into writing better prose as the door before him gradually opens to a vista of endless sentence possibilities.

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