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About Avid Readers
Who we are

Based in Germantown, Maryland, Avid Readers is an academic tutoring service specializing in two disciplines: Reading and Writing. Our reading program focuses on the teaching of phonics, using our proven SoundSpell method, structural analysis of words, rules for spelling, reading fluency, comprehension, critical reading, and study skills.

Our writing program covers a full range of subjects that include formal composition, emphasizing expository and persuasive writing, literary analysis, grammar with diagramming, grammar-based writing, sentence construction, techniques to improve style, vocabulary development, analogies, and logic.

In addition, we prepare students for the verbal portion of the SAT, help seniors write and polish college application essays, and provide English as a Second Language instruction to children and adults.

Because we are highly specialized, we can encourage the student to delve as deeply into the subject as is required to meet specific goals.

How long we have been here

Since 1991, Avid Readers has helped Montgomery County, Maryland students attending both public and private schools—kindergarten through twelfth grade—with specific academic challenges related to reading and writing. We also provide accelerated instruction to outstanding students seeking to excel in writing, grammar, and critical reading. Whatever the goal, we are committed to seeing that each student learns and exceeds expectations.

How customers find us

In 1991, Avid Readers reached customers in Montgomery County, Maryland through local newspaper advertising and targeted direct mail. Since then, most of our customers come to us either as referrals or as previous customers who have sought us again for help. The rest of our customers find us primarily through an on-line search and Google advertising, both of which direct customers to this web site. After perusing our site, many customers feel confident about calling us for further information.

Your goals

You, as the parent, may seek our services to help your child develop specific skills to meet or exceed his grade level or to get a better academic grade in school.

On the other hand, you may want accelerated instruction in writing, grammar, and critical reading for a child enrolled in a magnet program, gifted and talented class, advanced placement class, or for a child who simply remains under challenged.

In either situation, we can assess your child's specific needs and design a program to meet them.

Our philosophy

What we say to our students:
Be the best you can be—the best speller, the best reader, the best writer, the best student not only of English language and literature, but of history, of science, of geography, of mathematics, of all the great arts.

Excelling in each endeavor may be a lofty aspiration, but here at Avid Readers, we believe that all students can learn if properly taught, challenged, and motivated. Joy comes from learning, then using what one has learned.

About striving to be one's best, Aristotle said:
With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know but we must try to have and use it.
from Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics

Aristotle believed that, once attained, knowledge should be used to create something worthy. When a student, for example, recognizes the superior craft of an acclaimed writer, he must strive not only to emulate its excellence but to put to good use his newly acquired skill. And for this reason, we’re convinced that a traditional emphasis on the basics of reading and English is vital to academic achievement at all levels.

To read fluently, write well, and spell correctly, the student must know the phonetics and grammar of English, both of which form the underlying structure of the language.

To comprehend what he reads and to read critically, the student must grasp the fundamentals of composition, build his vocabulary, apply deductive reasoning skills, interpret figurative language, and recognize stylistic conventions.

We are a traditional pencil, book, and paper service. Students who complete our tutoring programs will possess real knowledge that they can then apply to their current studies or use in future classes.

Strive… Learn… Excel… Use well…

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