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Concerns related to reading…

My son is in 3rd grade and still struggles to read or write. His spelling is awful. He's starting to hate school. He needs help.

When reading, my daughter skips words and guesses at others. And she can't remember details. When she does, she often remembers details that weren't actually in the story. I have her read out loud to me but that doesn't seem to be working. Where can I turn for help?

My son knows how to read but doesn't. What can get him interested?

My 7th grader is a solid student who wants to do well in school. But he simply struggles to understand and interpret what he reads. How can he become a skilled critical reader?

My daughter is 5. I want her to learn to read now. Do you have a reading tutor who can teach her to read?

My son devours books, gets straight A's but is really bored and restless. He needs more. What can you do to challenge him?

Concerns related to writing…

My daughter has good ideas but can't put them on paper. She needs to learn to organize her ideas in well-written paragraphs. I want to find her a really excellent writing tutor.

My daughter writes incomplete sentences, makes grammatical mistakes, and misspells too many words. She's struggling to get decent grades. She'll be lost in middle school. I certainly don't want her to be kept back a grade. Can you help get her back on track?

Although my son is in Honors English, I'm dissatisfied with the quality of his writing. I know he can do better, but he thinks he has nothing more to learn. What can you do to excite his interest in becoming a better writer?

My 10th grader can write fairly well but she never gets more than a B grade on her essays. She needs to know different kinds of writing. Her vocabulary is limited. And she knows little to nothing about grammar or how knowing grammar can make her a better writer. She needs help in all these areas.

Concerns related to SAT reading and writing…

Even though my son scored over 1900 on his SAT, he needs to score higher. We want him to qualify for college scholarships. Can you help him with critical reading, grammar, and writing for the SAT?

My son wants to get into the International Baccalaureate program at Richard Montgomery High School. Can you help him prepare for the magnet test?

My daughter's vocabulary is so limited that I’m afraid she’s not going to score well on the critical reading part of the SAT. Do you have an SAT prep tutor who can help her build her vocabulary?

Concerns related to writing the college application essay…

After following the prompts on her college applications and writing 3 essays, my daughter wants to make sure they are the best they can be. Can you help her?

My son is applying to 3 Ivy League schools and is uncertain whether his essays show enough originality. He needs help here.

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